What College Football is going to prove during the New Playoff era.




With the BCS era coming to a close last night, College Football is now heading towards a new era. Starting this season, Teams won’t be competing for one of two tickets to the BCS National Championship Game but for a one of four ticket to the College Football Playoffs. Yes, I did say Playoffs.

When I first heard that they were dumping the BCS for a new Playoff system, I thought it was crazy. I mean, Having playoffs at the college era is just pretty stupid as off right now. Yeah, I know they have a Tournament in Basketball; but, Football is not Basketball. 

Personally, I felt the BCS was perfectly fine since they based who was going to play in the Championship game by the strength of schedule and how many wins you have on the season. Yeah, I know the good argument that a Unbeaten team should have the right to play for a championship over a team with just a lost; but How does their schedules stack up to each other when you base it by the toughness of schedule over the season. I mean, I don’t think a team earns an undefeated season if they just play all small teams all season long. I think that a team that has earned the scars and fought tough battles against some really good competition should , in fact, have the right to play for the Championship.

I know that many were sick and tired of seeing the SEC win it all year after year; but, The SEC did have some battle ready teams. I know Auburn might not have proved it last night in the second half when they played Florida State; but let’s remember how lucky they got to get to the championship game after all with the juggle off the hands against Georgia and the infamous Failed Field Goal return for 6 against Alabama.

If it were some team like Alabama, I think the story could have been different. Though I do think that Saban should have just let the game go to Overtime against Auburn.

Now onto more about the College Football Playoffs. 

If you recall correctly, The reason why we have them is because of complaints from Boise State fans that they deserved to be in the Championship Game those years in which they went undefeated. Know let me tell ya something, We ain’t going to just have those 4 teams alone. Before we know it, You’ll be seeing the 4 teams extent to 8 teams then to 16 then to 32 and beyond. I know this might seem good and all, but let’s take a look at it from a players point of view.

Your typical College Football Season is going to be at least 12 games with a 13 game if you make to your Conference Champ/Bowl game with a shot at a possible 14th if you played the Conference Champ game and are heading to a Bowl game. With these new playoff system in mind, The maximum of games played in the season is going to expand to a maximum of 16 games. This maximum will continue to get bigger and bigger if you expand the field of 4 beyond. If it ends up anything like the current NCAA Tourney (which will probably be the case if Boise still doesn’t get in the Playoffs), Then that sends the maximum of games played in a single season to roughly 21 games. This maximum is just one more game than your typical NFL season if you make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

Know looking at it from a players point of view, The more games played in a season greatly increases the chance of being injured. If you know anything about Draft Value, Injuries sure do decrease it. Now does this all peachy when it comes to just having something like this to the BCS era of having a maximum amount of games equaling 14? No, it doesn’t

I think that the College Football Playoffs is going to keep on expanding beyond the field of 4 with people like Jerry Jones approving of it since it goes along with him wanting to expand the NFL playoffs from 12 teams to 16 teams (which I personally have mixed feelings about it). This is because the fact that some will hate the fact that 2 out of 4 or even more teams are from the SEC. I mean, Everybody sure did love that BCS Championship game back in 2012 with both teams being from the SEC?

In all, I think that we are going to see the flaws of the College Football Playoffs system over the next few years. I also think that we’ll have a system back in state like the BCS in just a few years with an NIT like playoff system as a consolation prize for those “Beat Up on Babies” Undefeated teams.

The Southeastern Conference is still and always gonna be “The Big Conference” in football since you can’t deny that football is our thing down here in the south. Besides, We might even see Tennessee win it all in the first season of the CFPs since they did have the honor of being the First BCS Champions after all. ~ DaAuraWolf  


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